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Portrait Pricing (past brides get a discount on all sittings)

Senior Sittings

Ultimate  Sitting -  up to 3  outfits - 2  locations - 1 hour of shoot time - up to 
150+ images received- online viewing site- of all the HR images!  Only $300.00
 Classic Sitting - up to 2 Outfit Change- studio location -30 minute shoot- 100+ images 
received - online viewing site- all the HR images!  Only $200.00 
 Basic Sitting - 1 outfit 20 minutes studio sitting with of all the HR images -- $ 150.00

Pregnancy Pictures

Pregnancy Sittings usually take around 15-30 minutes.  The Hr images included pricing starts at $100.00

Head Shots

15 minute sitting 1 - 2 shirt change images on HR disc - $75.00

Boudoir Shots

Full Sitting 1 hour of shoot time  with of all the HR images (multiple outfits) $350.00

Mini Sitting 30 - 45 mins. of shoot time with  of all the HR images (up to 3 outfits) $200.00

Kid / Family Sittings


Newborn - 3 months old 

Full Shoot covers family pictures and 2+ or more set ups of newborn by itself  of shoot time-online viewing - session takes 2-2.50  hours  -10 page  8 x 8 Event Album - 
The studio has a wide range of Props (included)450.00 
Mini Shoot-  covers family pictures along with at least one set of of newborn by itself - session is 1-1.50 hours The Studio has a wide range of Props (included) $300.00 

** additional child over 3 months $50.00 - twins additional $200.00 
3 months and older 

Full shoot - covers family and 2 set ups session is about 30 minutes comes with the HR digital images  at studio or at one of our offsite locations  $200.00 (past bride discount 150.00)

Mini shoot- Covers 1 set with family and child session is about 15  minutes  $125.00 (past bride discount 100.00) at one of our locations $150.00 (past bride discount 125.00)

Mulitiple Family Sittings

Base Price is $250.00 for the first family  (past bride 200.00 base)- All sittings include a HR Disc of all the images. Usually around 30 -45 minutes of  family shoot time.   All(group) combos taken on shoot - Outdoor shoot only at one of our local locations  -  $50.00 per extra family set (add 10-15 minutes per additional family add if - optional to add)

Russell’s Photography Studio • Established 1990 • call or text 203.980.8112      Offices located in Woodbridge CT and Tampa FL 


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